At OGSPL, we offer clients world-class consulting services in three key verticals: information security and risk management, engineering consulting and business process management. OGSPL collaborates with organizations to better protect their information assets, strengthen physical security and reduce risk.

OGSPL's Consulting Engineers provides a bouquet of engineering consulting and project management services to a variety of organizations. OGSPL provides businesses with BPM and Advisory services in functions like Finance & Accounts and Human Resources.

Engineering Consulting

Through OGSPL Consulting, we provide consultancy services to more than 15 sectors, helping our clients increase productivity and, as a result, profitability. Our team of design engineers, environmental engineers, construction engineers and project managers come with the requisite experience, technological knowhow and skill to execute a diverse range of projects for our clients worldwide.

Information Security Management Services

Protecting data is a top management priority in the information age, and to this end, OGSPL provides information security strategies that are tailor-made to protect data important to our customers - and their customers. From collection to storage, our processes ensure that data is kept safe at every stage, ensuring a competitive advantage for our clients in any market.

Physical Security Advisory Services

We deliver physical security advisory services through the OGSPL. Our insight into these services, including security environment study, risk assessment, designing security systems, crisis management and more, allow us to help clients manage their strategic and operational risks on time and on budget.

Business Continuity Management

Harnessing the power of technology, our Business Continuity Management solutions ensure that the IT infrastructure, people and operations of any organisation operate within an effective continuity framework. We assess probable risks to provide uninterrupted operations, providing our clients with a distinctive edge over their competition.

Fraud Risk Management

OGSPL is a force to be reckoned with in fraud risk management. With a professional fraud investigative approach and a deep understanding of corporate security, we assist our clients in corporate investigations, IT forensics, fraud and misconduct investigations everywhere.

Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services are led by functional and industry experts for each domain that we operate in. Through our Advisory-led approach to business solutions, we help our clients make better decisions on their business priorities; be it strategy, or cost optimization initiatives, or a productivity enhancement drive, or a risk & compliance program. We also help our clients translate those priorities into custom-built outcomes.

BPM Services

The objectives of our Business Process Management services are to optimize cost and gain efficiency in processes, thereby enabling our clients to focus on their core business activities. Engaging with OGSPL, our clients enjoy a two-fold advantage of identifying leads to maximise opportunities and to co-create new possibilities.